Any sort of Early / Beta access?


Curious if there’s any form of early access? I’m a huge fan of O’Reilly Beta access that lets purchasers see the chapters as they’re completed but before final publication.


@scoreforboring yep the first EA chapters will be released this month assuming there are no major holdups

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Curious with only 2 more days in this month has there been any major holdups for the EA chapters? Excited to dig in now that Swift 4.1 has been released wonder how long until Vapor 3 is official released as well?

Preordered Vapor book… can’t wait to deep dive more!

I have wishes …

There were a couple of blocking issues around reflection and Vapor Cloud - they have now all been solved and the EA chapters written, they’re just going through the editing pipeline now.

Vapor 3 (plus all the extra packages) will hit sometime next week from the looks of it. I’m fairly sure ( :crossed_fingers: ) that there shouldn’t be any changes with what’s in the book in terms of code and the release so it should all be good. (There will be a small change where you create a Vapor project from the template - but it is just removing a flag)

I’ll try and get clarification on a date for the EA

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@vinamelody awesome! So to answer your points:

  • What specifically are you look for around OAuth and JWT? There is going to be a chapter on using OAuth as a client and another chapter on authenticating micro services with JWT. The VaporOAuth library you linked to (which coincidentally I wrote!) is for acting an an OAuth Provider - the server in other words.
  • That is another library of mine I wrote, it doesn’t make much sense for the book and needs to be fully updated to Vapor 3. However the README should explain everything you need and point to further explanations on the different headers. I also wrote a blog post about security that mentions that library. However any questions just ask! If it makes sense I can also write a blog post specifically about VSH
  • Sending email is due to be covered
  • Calling other APIs is also due to be covered

Hmm i see … in that case, what I want to achieve is something like Raywenderlich doing now. Login is being done at subdomain, and redirect back to site running on Vapor.

@vinamelody OAuth2 will be covered for Facebook and Google - looks like basically does the same thing, so you should be able that chapter to

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Hey @0xtim! Do you have any update on EA release? Thanks!

@ogreswamp I’ve been told ‘imminent’ - it’s in the final editing stages at the moment

You’re killing me, I’ve been finishing up the third part of your videos. I’m excited for the written book side of things!!!

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I’m looking forward to the book… and where can I get one of those awesome Vapor t-shirts?

Vapor t-shirts can be purchased from our shop here:

There will also come an update with the new Vapor 3 logo along with the Vapor 3 release :slight_smile:

Thanks! ordered one of the current ones and will get a v3 when they come out. Need to taunt all the Node devs on my team…

@yungdai It’s out!


@ogreswamp :tada: EA release it out

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Thanks @0xtim!

That is almost ready book!
I’m sorry for comparing with somehow competitors but guys from release EA (I bought all their books as EA) starting just from chapter 1. That works pretty well as you can read (and help “debugging” & proofreading book) as book is written. Like 1 chapter a week. They also do video Q&A for their last EA.
That’s just an idea, probably you considered that and decided having more complete EA is more beneficial to the readers.

Thanks a lot for the book. Will start reading it today! :slight_smile:

@ogreswamp yeah out of my hands unfortunately! It also means that the current EA release has a good chunk of work for people to study and read. Like the idea of a video Q&A though!

Reading the EA slowly now … is it possible to add example on how to persist SQLite database other than memory?
This official doc seems odd … sqlite is usually in form of file and not localhost:port ?

@vinamelody that looks like a copy paste error from Postgres! The docs should get fixed before the 3.0 release but I’ll add doing a file to the next release of the chapter

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