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I’m delivering food to my dad and my grandma so they don’t have to risk going to the shops at the moment.

I’m so glad you updated the Core Data book to include CloudKit, thanks! I will definitely be picking that up :slight_smile:

I helped some small students (kids) teaching swift online and to get started with their coding journey.


I would like to buy bundle. But some of the books I have already purchased. Is it possible to customize bundle without impacting prize?

Prakash T

A week ago our company has closed because of pandemic and I got my working Macbook. At the same time my sister wanted one and I gave it to her. Some kind of helping each other :slight_smile:

I helped my wife who’s a elementary school teacher learn Kotlin, and now she teaches her students with small projects! Kids are the future.

My father and I have been picking up groceries for my grandparents every week when we go out (my grandmother gives us fairly long lists) and thankfully we’ve almost always been able to get everything on it. I’ve also been helping a close friend of mine learn Android development on the side :grin:.

I sent my unused apple AirPods to my niece who was without!

I saw someone IG who was delivering food to hospital workers but she wasn’t wearing a mask. I made 3 and sent them to her.

Yes I would like to know also what is going to happen with the ARKit book? Feels like this is exactly what took place with the original game programming book that got replaced by another with a new title.

I helped my college student son by driving over and donating some needed electronic parts, so he could finish his project (and not have to leave home).

I helped my sister learn some things about web development

Last week a friend from university was telling me that he wants to learn iOS & macOS development but is kinda overwhelmed and didn’t knew where to start - so I made him a learning path and added useful links / notes that I gathered over the time.

My grandma sewed masks for my family and friends :] :mask:

My GF is a new Mac user. I give her some tips & tricks and she said it boosts her efficiency by 50% more.

What is one small example of how you, or someone you know, has helped someone else lately?
The company I work for - thankfully in a very good financial situation - has not only kept all the workforce but has even given financial aid to the family of any employee who was negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Does taking over a coworker’s open JIRA tickets so that he can take care of his kids at home count as helping? :grimacing:

I told to my colleague about as a great resource. :wink:

I got help from my uncle(job offer, as a web/mobile developer) after i shut down my own business: bubble tea due to covid-19.

I gave blood at the local donor center. I got an email a couple of weeks later that it was used at a local hospital. So glad!

What is one small example of how you, or someone you know, has helped someone else lately?

I was recently hired and thrown into a team of 20 people - which seemed to be a little dispersed. I managed to mobilize the team and lead a meeting to discuss how we can reach the next level. The team is now communicating better, I hope it’s only the initial spark in our evolution!