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Announcing New Forums and Authentication System!

We're happy to announce two new upgrades to new forums, and a new authentication system!

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What about all the old data? Will it be imported?

We won’t be importing the old discussions into these forums, however we’ve archived the old forums here:

Each tutorial has a link to the old discussion as well.

Great :smile:

Keep up the good work :+1:


Is it just me that only get a blank white screen after logging in using Safari ?
I get sent off to … and then just blank white (empty body)

Works fine with Chrome though.

Hrm - that sounds a bit strange. I’ve just checked it in Safari again and it works OK.

Were you logging in from the forums or
What time did you attempt logging in via Safari?
Do you still notice the same problem?

Glad you can login via Chrome, but it should definitely work across all browsers!



I’ve just tried login and I did’t receive a verification email. When I reset the password the system says “User does not exist”. But it’s wrong. I had the account and bought four books. I had to create new account to tell about it.

Just going straight to, hitting the login button that takes me to… and then a blank screen (the actual user/pwd popup does not show after clicking login).

Just tried it again with the same result. Utterly weird.

I have Adblock Plus (disabled for this site) and Turn Off the Lights installed. Adblock is disable for this site.

I’ll try it when I get back home to rule out the corporate network/firewalls/proxies/etc

I checked the console in Safari and noticed that I do get a 500 status on the callback thingy:
Here you can see the blank screen as well. This on a public network so no firewalls/proxies.

I just emptied all cookies and emptied all caches but still get the same response. Still works on Chrome/Firefox but no luck on Safari … so… weird… :smiley:

Feel like I’m nagging here, but now I can’t log in from Chrome any more:
I’m also a paid subscriber, so I feel I’m not really getting my moneys worth right now.

Is there any support email etc I can contact to get this resolved ?


ps. I’m open for any suggestions including deleting my profile and re-creating it if that’s what it takes …


Really sorry you’re seeing these issues. Have added a task to investigate your account and config today. Will be in touch if we need further info.

Please bear with us…


Thanks. Let me know if you need any info like … my cats name … or credit card numbers … :smiley:

Sam and I are working on this for you. But you asked about a support email address.

So you know for future, and for anyone else reading this thread, you can always contact us directly at for any account issues or problems accessing the videos.

We’ll be in touch as soon as we have this resolved.


Hi Nmodi … I’m one of the developers at the site. It appears that our login is a little messed up with https. We’re still debugging the issue but a quick workaround is to login via. http. That should get you in the door so you can read content. Hopefully, we’ll have this resolved by tomorrow.


You should be able to login into the site now. If you run into any issues, please feel free to reach out to me at any time.



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Update: we have retired the archived forums, as the information is old/no longer relevant.