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Announcing In-Person iOS Bootcamp: Alt-U!

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a lot of people interested in changing their career to iOS development. Maybe they are web developers, maybe they’re new to programming all-together – either way, it’s time for a change. A lot of these folks have come to our site, and taught themselves via written or video […]

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Hey Ray,
Would be this bootcamp US only?

Yep - for now at least. Their first offering is in Texas.

@rwenderlich I spoke with @jerbeers about this at the conference. Do you think it would be beneficial to attend if we know most of the topics or wait for the next track to be released?

Hm - well one thing that Alt-U teaches you beyond the iOS development stuff is working as part of a development team - i.e. working in an agile development environment, using tools like git, JIRA, etc. Not sure if you’ve done that stuff yet but it’s definitely worth knowing.

@jerbeers could answer better than me whether it would be best to attend this one or wait for the next based on your experience so far. Jerry?

Yes I got some experience with agile development JIRA and git we use these at my internship but obviously im not a pro. Especially with git, it is what drives me crazy the most.

The Apprentice course will mainly be designed for people who are new to these concepts. If you want to be sure you have a firm foundation, you can take the Apprentice course to be sure. If you’ve had some exposure to swift, jira, and git already, you’d probably be better off starting with the Journeyman course. We’ll be covering team concepts in there as well.

@jerbeers Okay great I will see if I can make the Orlando bootcamp since it’s a few hours from my house. Any idea when the content for the Journeyman track will be released?

I don’t have an ETA on that just yet, but I’ll let you know when we do.

Any plans to come to Atlanta?

Also what are the prerequisites to attend? Is there a page with this information disclosed?

@anthony_lockett Looks like the Journeyman and Master tracks are up FYI:

@jerbeers Could you please answer @dlmartinez1972’s questions when you get a chance?

We don’t have any immediate plans for Atlanta, but we do have one Apprentice class scheduled for Orlando and we are planning to expand to other cities as there is demand.

You can see a bit about prerequisites at the bottom of each class page, but we’re still working to expand that content. If you have specific questions, I’m more than happy to help.