Announcing 3D iOS Games by Tutorials Week!

really looking forward to. That will be awesome!

I want a copy of this book so bad!

I hope I win one. My book budget is already blown for this month…

Looking forward to this book. Looks great.

Amazing. @rwenderlich remember you were saying something about packages and getting this for free. Since we couldn’t make it to the conference

Looks like a great book! Have only tried 2D Sprite Kit before but this may get me into 3D stuff.

Amazing work, as always. Really looking forward to get the book. Hope this time I get one. :slightly_smiling:

Love it! I can’t wait. I really want it. First I couldn’t make it to the conference. Please pick me :[

Wow,that’s great work,I can not wait to read it.

Give me the book please give me the book.

I was just looking at the book section this morning and then this! I am looking forward to this and can’t wait for this week’s tutorial. Can I ask is there a section about importing 3D objects such as a .vox file (or any other 3d file types) when the book covers the Mr.Pig game?

I can’t wait to dive into this book! Your tutorials are the best!

Hi there,

Mr. Pig’s graphics was created with MagicaVoxel. The book doesn’t cover the graphics creation process, but focuses more on creating the game mechanics itself.

You can try the following steps:

  1. Export object as .obj from MagicaVoxel.
  2. Import .obj file into Blender.
  3. Rotate/Scale model, then apply all transformations.
  4. Export as .dae file from Blender.
  5. Drag .dae file into XCode SceneKit project.
  6. Convert to .scn file inside XCode.

Hope that helps. Let me know, I’ll see if I can create a more detailed step-by-step guide for you guys.

Sounds like great book to have. Not much into building games, but this could change my mind.

Nice surprise. Eventhough I would prefer a tutorial series about Unity. :wink:

Surely, I will win this. When are you coming up with a Swift Algorithms book? :wink:

Book looks good! Can’t wait!

Great books and very good job! I’m going to cite you in my first game :]

getting my copy soon :] so excited!!

Looks like another great book, look forward to checking it out.:telescope:

Loved the other tutorials. Looking forward to this one as well!! :slight_smile: