Animating Scnene

Why are the scene objects animating?

I didn’t find any code to do this. Is it set inside the scene file itself?

Hi @sobolevsky, could you specify a little more on the issue you are having?


Hello, @gdelarosa,

When I open a project with the Earth and the Moon, the scene appears animating. I am confused as I didn’t see any code declared to set up that animation. Is this animating logic baked in the scene file itself?

@sobolevsky, which chapter in the book are you referring to? And are you working on the starter folder in that chapter?

@gdelarosa, I’m referring to a starter project for chapter 3.

@sobolevsky Thank you. It appears that after the scene gets initialized on line 93,
line 95, scene.isPaused = false is determining whether to run any actions and in this case it is because the boolean is false. The description for var isPaused is, “a Boolean value that determines whether to run actions, animations, particle systems, and physics simulations in the scene graph.” If you were to change it to scene.isPaused = true then the scene would not animate. Hope this clears things up!


@gdelarosa Thank you for clearing this up for me. :slight_smile:

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Good question (and answer) - I wondered the same thing a week ago, but too lazy to ask.