Android SDK Versions Tutorial With Kotlin |

New SDK versions released with each new version of Android provide great new features. In this tutorial we will learn how to utilize them in our apps.

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Hi, just to let you know that in the supplied material there is only the “Start” version and no “Final” version.
As well, current AVD does not provide API 16 simulator (in the 3.4 IDE).
It would be nice to have the final version of the tutorial, because the suggested updates of the fragments did not really worked.

I’ve updated the tutorial to include the final project in the link at the end.
To create a API 16 emulator, you need to select the x86 images tab and scroll down to the Jelly Bean images, then click download

Also, could you give me more information on what you mean by the suggested updates for fragments didn’t work?

Migrate to AndroidX is as easy as change gradle imports, java/kotlin imports and xml namespaces. So I recommend everybody to switch to AndroidX, as the fixes and updates will be going only to this new repository.

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!