An optimization tool for designer-developer workflow

Misunderstanding between developers and designers is a typical issue in teamwork. It always leads to the lack of proper cooperation and waste of time. A problem of getting direct access to information about design elements without having to buy expensive utilities proved to be so serious it needed to be addressed as quickly as possible. IT Top ( company succeeded in finding the solution. That‘s why Sketchode for Mac ( was released.

Sketchode ( is a brand new utility that lets you recreate a design made in Sketch in a visual interface and provides a developer with information about design elements, such as size, arrangement, font and colour. In addition to the preview functions, there’s an option of exporting chosen items in the appropriate format. The separation of work spaces benefits not only the developer, but also the designer who can be sure that the original design project will remain unaltered.

Some other noteworthy features of Sketchode include integration with Jira system, protection against data leaking and endless number of project available after a single payment.

Sketchode proves to be an effective tool for building a productive work environment in a team. Tested under the typical conditions, the product helps to make both the final stages of app development process and project management in general easier and smoother.

According to developers, the sky is the limit for Sketchode. Soon the application will be adapted for other operational systems. Integration with Photoshop is also being worked on. Nowadays, Sketchode is at the cusp of becoming an irreplaceable utility that builds a bridge between developers and designers.