Alignment/Constraint issues with Background image

Hi Team,

Me again. Just working through the end of the first tutorial (got to page 114 of the book) and having issues with the background image alignment when I run the simulator in 5s. When I run in 4s everything is aligned as expected. Everything was ok until I added the two constraints. As soon as I added those I saw the blue bars crossing the scene over the background image as expected but did not expect to see orange dotted lines in the main storyboard. Now when I run the simulator in 5s mode everything to the left and right of the orange lines is cut off (white). I also get this warning Main.storyboard, Frame for “Background will be different at run time”. Any help or pointing in the right direction would be awesome, hoping to get this done tonight to move on to next tutorials. Thanks!!

It’s hard to say exactly without a screenshot, but that warning on the storyboard is a clue. It says that what you see in the storyboard is different from what you’ll see when you run the app (which seems to be the case). That’s a result of the constraints being wrong, or the views in the storyboard being in a different place than where the constraints think they ought to be.