Advanced Swift 3 - Part 2: Protocol-Oriented | Ray Wenderlich

Swift protocols give all nominal types polymorphic behavior. This video compares class versus protocol based designs.

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I am enjoying these advanced topic videos. However I’m finding myself to go back a few seconds in some cases to clarify some information. Will there be a button that can go back/forward ~15s in the future? It would save me a lot of time from dragging back and forth especially on longer videos.

I think that is a great idea. (I have wanted this feature myself.) I don’t know about the feasibility but I will post it to the internal website feedback board. BTW, if there is an explanation in there that is not sufficient enough (entirely possible :grimacing:) please let me know and I will try to clarify. :blush:

Until there is the feature added, If you are using Google Chrome there is an extension “Video Speed Controller” which has a feature that you are looking for! The default keyboard setting to rewind for the extension is “z”. or just go to its settings.