Accessing a Struct that is placed in a separate swift file

This probably should have been placed in the Swift Discussion Area because I didn’t make clear that is language I’m using.

When creating a Struct inside it’s own .swift file, what do I need to do have total access to it inside of a function in my ViewController.swift file? I assume I have to initialize it somehow inside the ViewController.swift file? I keep getting an “Expected Declaration Error” and when I click on the error it jumps me up to the “class ViewController: UIViewController {” line and a "gray colored error appears that reads, “1. In declaration of ‘ViewController’” Thank you!!!

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Hi @dukeobass, generally I just call the struct name inside the function I want it in. For example, if I create a .swift file and call it Name. Then I can create a struct called Name.

import Foundation

struct Name {

var myName: String


Then in my other file, I can declare the struct. One way could be creating a variable within the function then calling Name. Ex:

func myFunction() {

var myNameIs = Name(myName: “Duke”)


Hope this helps! Happy coding,

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Hi Gina,

I just solved it! I looked over the function where I return the struct with value embedded in it and the call to the struct was outside of the functions last curly brace.

I feel so dumb!!!

Thank you for your fast reply! I REALLY appreciated hearing back from someone so soon.


Your welcome, glad you were able to figure it out!


Happy Thanksgiving and thank you very much, again!


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