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About the sale bundle

The bundle sale always more attractive, but if I already have some books of the bundle, it doesn’t attractive anymore.
I think it isn’t fair that I can’t enjoy the sale bundle just because I have already bought some books. Because of this I didn’t buy iOS sale bundle at last black friday and I feel bad for that.
It would be nicer if I can buy the rest of the bundle with the same sale ratio.:cry:

Yeah some of our other readers have suggested a ‘build your own bundle’ feature or some such.

We don’t have the technology to support that on our site right now, but hopefully some day!

How do I get an ebook refund?

Contact For more details on refund policies/etc, check out this page:

I wrote 3 emails to the email address without any answer.

We respond to any emails sent to within 3 business days. Has it been longer than that? If not, have patience - someone will be in touch soon.

I believe in your ability. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

@praxon48 Do you still have issues with this?