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About the RxSwift category

This is for anything and everything related to the print or PDF versions of RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift.

In chapter 6 we work on dismissing the alert box after 5 seconds by adding the take operator. In chapter 4 we converted the Observable for the alert to a Completable. On page 139 the code is missing “asObservable()” before adding “take(5, scheduler: MainScheduler.instance)”

Is the new release of Swift 5 affecting the latest release of this book?

Can you elaborate how would the book be affected? Not sure what you mean

is this book compatible with Swift 5 and Xcode 10.2?

The book is compatible (it says that on the store page, on the book cover, and in the preface) with Xcode 10.1 and Swift 4.2

should i download a previous version of xcode to be able to follow the book?

You can use any version of Xcode. The book is written, edited, and tested for Xcode 10.1 and this is the version we can offer help with (if a reader needs it) in the book forum.

That said readers sometimes help other readers figure out how to run the examples on unsupported Xcode versions