3D iOS Game, where should I start and what should I know

Hey, this may be in the wrong section. Anyway I am very new to iPhone development. I just completed the ios apprentice tutorial #1 (bull’s eye). I am wondering if I should continue in this series of tutorials or do a different one. I am wanting to create some 3d and 3d iPhone games in the future. Just trying to get a map of what I need to learn, in what order and what is most important for 3d/2d games. I appreciate any help!

For 3D games, I’d have a look at Unity. We have a bunch of Unity tutorials on the website to get you started.

Thanks alot! Would you recommend I go straight into the Unity tutorials, or continue with this tutorial: https://www.raywenderlich.com/store/ios-apprentice ?

Unity development is totally different from normal iOS development. If your goal is to make a 3D game, I’d go straight on to the Unity tutorials instead.

Alright thanks again man. Also, i’d also be interested in making a 2D style game later on, would Unity work for that as well, or is there a better 2D game option? Appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yes, Unity can do 2D games as well.

Alrighty, so on the Unity tutorials page it recommends I get a separate book and learn C# first before doing anything in Unity? Thanks for taking your time to answer these, i’m sorry for the very noobish questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not the right person to help with this, I’ve never used Unity myself. Maybe ask your question in the Unity subforum: https://forums.raywenderlich.com/c/general/unity

Good luck making your game! :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks for the help!