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Hi Caroline, first of all, awesome course so far. I have one question regarding the sides of the triangle. I see that if I look closer, the rasteriser is identifying the fragments within the triangle in a jagged way. I do positively understand why it’s doing this, but is there a way to draw a triangle who’s sides look less jagged and more smooth? Perhaps playing with alphas?

Hi @codinghobbies :slight_smile: - I’m glad you’re enjoying the course!

What you’re describing is aliasing. The course doesn’t cover this at all - there are so many topics!

To explore further, try googling MSAA (Multi Sample Anti Aliasing). This is a great stackoverflow answer:

And a couple of other Apple links:

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Thanks @caroline, I’ll be sure to dive into it out once I use what you teach me to make things!

Now, back to the videos!!

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