2D Section Worthwhile?

Howdy, I’m really only interested in 3D games and I’m wondering if I’ll miss out on something that could be relevant to me in the 2D section if i skip it. Is there anything in the 2D section that doesn’t get taught in the next section, but could still apply to 3D games?

Hi there!

Some of the techniques discussed in the 2D section also apply to 3D and especially 2.5D games.
Knowing how a 2D platformer controller is made from scratch for example is quite valuable as it shows some good uses for raycasts. Gameplay mechanics like wall jumping are also explained in the 2D chapters.

If you still decide to skip all those parts, then you should at least read chapter 14 IMHO. It explains how to save and load data, including how to save a whole level into a JSON file and load it again at runtime. With this knowledge you can make a custom level editor for yourself and your players and share levels.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the response, I’ll go through the 2D chapter :smiley:

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