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2D Apple Games by Tutorials not available anymore

I tried to buy this book today but it is not available anymore. How can I purchase it?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, it’s not available any more. It hasn’t been updated for a few years. The only recent SpriteKit book that I know of is Tammy Coron is part of the Ray Wenderlich team.

Thank you caroline for your response! I’ll check it out!! What about the 3D gaming development? I’ve tried this too and it is not available either.

I don’t know of any SceneKit books. I was going to point you at the Unity book, but that seems to have gone as well.

On the gaming / graphics side, there’s the early access AR book which looks interesting, and Metal by Tutorials, in which you learn how to render 3d models using Metal.

Thank you again for your response. Yes, I’ve seen that all the gaming related books have been gone :pensive:

@pani169 the new Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials | covers both SpriteKit and SceneKit. It is a shame that these books are not being updated anymore but I also haven’t seen apple really update them its been more of a focus on RealityKit which this new book also covers.

Thank you for your response!! I’ve already purchased it!!

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