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2 Beginner Questions



I’m subscribed to the RW email course for Intro to iOS. The site seems to have a lot of videos, but I was wondering where I could find the lengthy posts that would usually be available by the videos. Are they in a separate section? Do they require a subscription? Are they email only?

Another question I had is if anyone here knows of a tutorial that uses a model, tableview, and detail view. I am trying to practice connecting to the model and transferring data over the segue. I might even have the wrong idea in mind, but it does seem like a fundamental lesson for iOS app dev.

Thank you all in advance!


Hi @jsios, thanks for posting here! I’m not entirely sure if all video courses come with a partner article but the search feature is pretty handy and I have selected articles + videos so you can easily view what is available for iOS/Swift:[]=1&content_types[]=collection&content_types[]=article&sort_order=released_at . Feel free to check it out and or search for other topics that might interest you! Hope that answers your question.

For your second question, there is a tutorial called How to make a RESTful app with Siesta and that will teach you how to “use the Siesta framework to improve your API interactions, networking, model transformations, caching, loading indications and more.”. If you’re just starting off with iOS development then I would suggest starting off with the iOS and Swift for Beginners path. It shows you a list of recommended video tutorials to help you get started with learning about Swift and iOS.

Happy coding!


Thank you so much @gdelarosa! I appreciate the tutorial that you provided, as it covers something else that I happen to be looking for.

For anyone else looking for something simpler, this should fit the bill:

Do you know if the contents in the books in the store are available in the subscription?

Thank you so much, once again.


@jsios Please let me know what books are you interested in exactly when you get a chance. Thank you!


Hi @shogunkaramazov, thank you for reaching out. Great username.

While I’d like to buy every book there is on iOS, these are the main ones:

iOS Apprentice | Store

Swift Apprentice | Store

Push Notifications by Tutorials | Store

iOS Animations by Tutorials | Store

Core Data by Tutorials | Store

Thanks again!


@jsios We’ll have special offers on book bundles later this year so stay tuned! :]


That’s great to hear, thank you!